Programme Overview

The conference will focus on the development of Internet of Things for Food (IoT4F). Internet of Things is the interconnection of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data via the Internet. The conference will consider the full food chain from primary production to consumer. The plenary sessions will address industry, academic, regulation / NGO and investment interests in IoT4F, with a focus on (1) observation and characterization of objects (e.g. sensing farm and food and deriving quantitative measures) (2) robotic devices (in the widest possible sense, including smart kitchens and 3D food printing) (3) digitizing IoT4F data (sensors, data pipelines and subsequent computation) and (4) applications for food safety, sustainability and security (disruptive and transformative technologies that have been developed and are emerging). In addition, there will be specific academic sessions, commercial demonstrations and design activities.


The conference will take place over three days from 21st March to 23rd March 2018. Within the frame of the programme there will be Demonstrations, Hackathons and Academic Sessions (including poster presentations) each day as well as the main keynote addresses. There will also be a series of scoping workshops to explore such topics as Valuation, Nutrition and Food Waste within the context of the Internet of Things for Food.

On the evening of 21st March there will be a welcome reception held in the UCD O’Brien Centre for Science, this will be a great chance for networking with other attendees. The conference dinner will be held in the Merry Ploughboy on the evening of the 22nd March.

Each session will have a speaker who will discuss the Internet of Things for Food from an industry, academic, regulatory and investor perspective.

Conference Programme at a Glance

11:00 - 12:30Plenary session
Chair: Dolores O’Riordan, UCD Institute of Food and Health
Nicholas Holden
UCD School of Biosystems and Food Engineering

Welcome to UCD
Orla Feely
UCD Vice-President for Research and Innovation

UCD Institute of Food and Health
Dolores O’Riordan

Matthew Lange, UCD Davis
The vision of IC-Foods - Why the Internet of Food and IoT4F?

Edmond Harty, DairyMaster
IoT and the digital transformation of the dairy industry
12:30 - 14:00Lunch
14:00 - 15:45Session 1: Observation and characterization of objects
Chair: Tom Tomich, UC Davis, Agricultural Sustainability Institute
Jettie Hoonhout, Philips
Measuring things: the application of IoT by Philips
Gregory O’Hare, UCD
Sensor systems for crop production
Tomas Norton, KU Leuven
Sensor systems for animal production
Chiara Cecchini, Future Foods Institute
Hackers and Makers: innovation in food tech
Chris Horn, Atlantic Bridge
Which startup ideas are funded, and why?
15:45 - 16:15Coffee
16:15 - 17:45Industry demonstrations
Chair: Aifric O’Sullivan, UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science
1. AgVis (livestock monitoring)
2. Food Choice at Work (healthy eating)
3. Think Biosolution Limited
4. BlightLink (integrating social networks with disease forecasting)
5. Living Offset (climate change) mitigation (blockchain)
6. Nutritics (personalized nutrition)
7. Keenan (the tech that feeds us)
18:00 - 20:30Welcome reception and Networking
08:45 - 10:45Welcome to UCD
Orla Feely
UCD Vice-President for Research and Innovation

Session 2: Robotic devices and 3D printing of food
Chair: Aoife Gowen, UCD Biosystems and Food Engineering
Alan Kelly, University College Cork
3D food printing
Conor McGinn, Trinity College Dublin
Human - Robot interaction: implications for food

Alexander Leonessa, Virginia Tech
Autonomous robotics in the food system
Lachlan Urquhart, University of Nottingham
Privacy, Security, Ethics & the Internet of Food
Kieran Furlong, Finistere Ventures
Funding new ideas: what are early-stage investors looking for?
10:45 - 11:15Coffee (and posters / coding challenge)
11:15 - 13:00Volunteered work: sensors, applications and citizen engagement
Chair: Nicholas Holden, UCD School of Biosystems and Food Engineering

Seven speakers from Tyndall National Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of Iceland, University of Bologna, NTNU Norway, TCD and UCD

Alan O’Riordan - Agriculture 4.0: Rapid, Label-free Nano-electrochemical based Detection of Bovine Diseases in Serum
Suzanna Lewis - Leveraging the OBO Foundry Framework to Support the Internet of Food
Sigurdur Bogason - The case of Bonafide food information challenges
Antonella Samoggia - What is the impact of device applications on users’ dietary behaviour
Jorgen Lerfall - Developing an Internet of Things (IoT) platform to predict food safety and food quality along the seafood value chain
Anna Davies - Engaging citizens in the Internet of Things for food futures
Tom Curran - Preliminary trial of sensors for sewer fatberg blockage alerts
13:00 - 14:15Lunch (13h45: poster pop-up, 90 second summaries)
14:15 - 16:00Session 3: Digitizing IoT4F data
Chair: Fionnuala Murphy, UCD School of Biosystems and Food Engineering
Scott Rickard, Citadel and UCD
Deep learning: what do all these data offer the food industry?
Eileen Gibney, UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science
Digitizing food intake/lifestyle data collection, analysis and feedback - implications for personalised nutrition.
Andre Laperriere, GODAN
Data standards for IoT4F
Sjaak Wolfert, WUR
Internet of Food and Farm 2020: fostering the data ecosystem
Conall Laverty, Wia
The Future of IoT Platforms
16:00 - 16:30Coffee (and posters / coding challenge)
16:30 - 19:30Workshop 1
Steven Lord, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Impact Valuation
Workshop 2
Jacqueline van Oosten, FME
Sjaak Wolfert, WUR
Aifric O’Sullivan, UCD Institute of Food and Health

Personalised Nutrition
Workshop 3
James Clifford, Food Cloud
Tom Oldfield, UCD
Susan Evans

Food Waste
19:30 - 23:00Conference Dinner (Merry Ploughboy)
9:00 - 11:15Welcome to UCD
Orla Feely
UCD Vice-President for Research and Innovation

Session 4: Applications for food safety, sustainability and security
Chair: Eileen Gibney, UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science
Lawrence Goodridge, McGill University and Seamus Fanning UCD
How IoT4F will change food safety
Damian O'Kelly, Nutritics
Connecting Nutrition Data - A Multisectoral Approach
Jacqueline van Oosten, FME
The food tech ecosystem in the Netherlands: towards personalised nutrition
Andrew Mullins, Bord Bia
Data demands for food sustainability - the future of Origin Green
Kieran Kelly, Arc-Net
Blockchain for the food chain

Liam Chambers, IBM
Applications of blockchain in the food industry
11:15 - 11:45Coffee and networking
11:45 - 12:30Plenary session
Hackathon overview and results with winning team presentation.
Diarmuid O' Muirgheasa, The Academy of Code (+ students if available)
Scoping workshop feedback
Steven Lord
Aifric O’Sullivan
James Clifford
Matthew Lange, UC Davis
Nicholas Holden, UCD

Closing summary:
● What have we learned?
● What next?
○ H2020 and research networks
○ Company networking
● IoT4F-Dublin 2019
● IC-Foods, November 2018
12:30 - 14:00Lunch
14:00All participants departed