Information on the history of the conference & association


In November 2016 the first IC3-Foods conference was held at UC Davis, California, USA. IC3-Foods has the objectives of advancing the burgeoning fields of Food Systems, Food, and Health Informatics. Its vision is to support the development of the global technological infrastructure for the Internet of Food. California combines the fifth largest agricultural economy in the world with the leading tech development ecosystem (Silicon Valley).

The first conference explored the idea of the Internet of Food. The second IC3-Foods conference in November 2017 began to look at how the computational infrastructure can be designed and constructed. It was realised that Ireland has similar attributes to California, having a significant agricultural economy and is host to the European headquarters of many leading tech companies. IoT4F Dublin 2018 was conceived to focus on hardware (IoT) to reflect the software focus of the US conferences. A future IC3-Foods Asia conference will focus on artificial intelligence and we plan to run this conference annually for a number of years so this is a ‘ground floor’ opportunity for exhibitor involvement.